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Accounts for Sole Traders and Partnerships:

If you are a sole trader or a partner within a partnership, you will need to prepare annual accounts to report your profits to H M Revenue & Customs. There is no legal requirement to file these accounts anywhere else.

Accounts for Limited Companies

A company is required by law to submit statutory accounts to Companies House and H M Revenue & Customs. Many small businesses do require an audit, but must still submit the information to the right bodies on time. We can prepare these for you, and help you avoid any unnecessary fines.

Management Accounting

We can prepare and interpret monthly management accounts, a service which is invaluable to owners, managers and overseas parent companies alike. Why wait until the end of the year to find out you didn't make any money!

Business Planning

We can prepare budgets and cashflow forecasts to help you plan your business.


We can set up your payroll for you and our payroll bureau can process your monthly payroll. At the end of the year, prepare the forms necessary to submit to H M Revenue and Customs


We can apply for VAT registration for you, and advise you on the best schemes for your business. If you are already registered, we can help you submit you returns.

Individual Taxation

Self assessment applies to all individuals, whether in business or in partnership.

You will need to keep business records and details of your income so you can fill in an annual tax return. You may also need to register for VAT.

Limited Company Taxation

Each year a company must report it's profit to H M Revenue and Customs. We can help you prepare the information, and submit this return

Record Keeping

By law you are required to keep records for your business and for any other income that you receive. We can help you with setting up systems for maintaining accurate and comprehensive records.

Accounting Software

You may want to keep handwritten records. This is slightly more time consuming and will require someone with the requisite skills and knowledge to ensure that the right written information is written in the right place.

In the initial stages of your business you may not have the resources to pay for a bookkeeper or the time to learn how to use a software package.

During these early phases 4 Kings Bookkeeping Team are best placed not only to set up systems that work for your business but also introduce good working practices to ensure that when you do finally employ someone in house, they are always working in the most tax effective way.

If you want to recruit a bookkeeper why not let us sit in your interviews and help you through your selection process?

Alternatively, if you feel that you do have the time to train to use an accounts package or now have the resources to employ a bookkeeper to use an accounts package, there are a mass of accounting packages available on the market now, all saying that they are the best thing ever.

Rather than trying to work out which package works best for you and is most user friendly for you and your staff, why not let 4 Kings Bookkeeping Team assist you to identify the best package for you?

The Accountants at 4 Kings have many years of experience in using these packages themselves and selecting the right software for companies individual needs and have an ''insider's track'' on what are the best and value for money packages on the market.